A number of Kenyans are yet to know the medicinal values of marijuana. Over the past years, this plant has been painted as a dangerous drug with devastating consequences.

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However, different studies have established and proved that the plant is instrumental when it comes to combatting various infections. 

Some countries have legalized the use of medicinal marijuana for counteracting diseases.

Dr Sue Sisley points out that the plant has some important properties.

"I was really stunned and more and more patients were coming out of the shadows and disclosing to me that they were having some useful experiences with the marijuana plant," Dr Sisley said in an interview with the CNN. 

Although there are some ongoing debates about its long-term effects, below are the diseases cured by the plant.

1. HIV/Aids

The plant can help in keeping this ailment at bay by soothing you. It also helps to quell the virus. This comes after a group of 10 people living with HIV felt a sigh of relief after using the plant. It also eased neuropathic pain. 

2. Crohn's disease

Scientists found that Cannabis sativa helped in combatting the mentioned disease. It had also a positive impact on people with ulcerative colitis. On the instances, the drug is said to limit the frequency of diarrhoea

3. Epilepsy 

It is a medical condition in which the sufferer experiences seizures. In a study, the extract lowered frequencies of seizures in adult and children to a greater extent.


It is a disease of the optic nerve, an eye disorder. Researchers established that it may lower the eye pressure.