Are you successful and single? Do you want to date? 

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Most successful men and women end up dating gold diggers only to regret a few months down the line. 

Most people find successful persons attractive because of their money. 

She or he is likely to fall in love with you because of your money and nothing else. 

It is painful when a woman only loves for your money yet you deserve true love.  

We have outlined some of the ways to avoid attracting gold diggers:

1. Look for love at the right place

 Avoid places where you are likely to meet gold diggers when looking for love. 

Places such as online platforms and clubs are not ideal to find true love. 

Most of the people you will find here are money oriented. 

However, this doesn't mean that everyone you meet in such platforms is a gold digger, some are quite genuine.

It is not easy to know whether you are dating a gold digger until it is too late. 

2. Be keen when spending money on someone

 Do not spend money on someone too fast. 

Make sure he or she doesn’t ask for money from you. 

If your crush is ever asking for money, then you are doomed. 

A gold digger will not hide his or her intentions. 

He or she will make it clear that money comes first than anything else.

3.  Analyse his or her lifestyle

You need to look at the potential partner’s lifestyle. 

There is no way a poor jobless man or woman will live an expensive life.

It is clear that someone somewhere is spending a lot of money on them.  

You are likely to find yourself in this situation if you are not careful with what you do.