Most people like sharing personal information with friends and other people around them which is totally wrong. 

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We should always keep some information to ourselves and never share with even friends because of various reasons. 

Here are the secrets about your personal life you should never share with anyone:

1. Your financial status 

How much you rake in every month should be secret, and please keep it to yourself.

Sharing your financial status with friends won't change anything. 

Your savings is not something everyone should know. 

 In short, this information shouldn't be disclosed to anyone regardless of how special they are to you.

2. Your relationship problems

You can solve such problems with your better half without involving others. 

Some people tend to seek advice from their friends when their relationships are about to crumble. 

You can solve your marital problems at home. Some friends may advise you wrongly. 

Some will even tell you to dump him or her. 

Whatever you are going through should be between the two of you. Sharing with friends is not the way forward. 

3. Your  material possession 

You should keep this to yourself as well. 

Telling your friends about your wealth can put you in trouble, some may even plot to rob you.

You should not trust your friends too much.