Immediate former Bonchari MP John Opore has warned his successor John Oyioka against using police officers to harass those opposed to his bad leadership.  

Opore said Oyioka should run the affairs of the constituency transparently without discriminating regions that didn't vote for him during the 2017 polls. 

"Oyioka should serve the electorates transparently. He should stop using police to harass the people who supported me," he said.

The Jubilee politician called on residents not to succumb to threats that Oyioka is using when they oppose his bad leadership. 

"I will stand with the people of Bonchari and ensure Oyioka is not intimidating and blackmailing the electorates opposed to his leadership. Residents have a right to ensure the CDF funds are properly used to fund various development projects across the constituency," he said. 

The ex-MP said he will not withdraw the case he filed at the Supreme court challenging Oyioka's win. 

"I won the election but, Oyioka rigged the elections. The case before the Supreme court will not be withdrawn anytime soon. The people of Bonchari should get justice," he added.