A kidney is one of the body organs that plays a major role in the human body.

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The kidney plays a role in filtering blood in the body and excluding the waste products.

Most people probably have never thought how important the kidney is as it is something that people don’t put much concentration in it.

As a result, people end up eating just anything to satisfy themselves forgetting how the food affects certain body organs such as the kidney.

These are foods which when consumed don’t react well with the kidney which end up destroying it.

1. Meat

Talking of meat, a good number of people understand that meat has high animal protein.

The high percentage of animal protein affects the kidney.

Eating of meat affects the kidney as the proteins result in being a burden on the kidney and making it hard for the kidneys to eliminate the waste products.

2. Salt

The amount of salt needed in the body is just a little portion.

The little portion of salt required in the body is meant to maintain fluid balance.

When one takes a lot of salt, the salt becomes a burden to the kidney interfering with it's functioning.

Hence, excessive consumption of salt destroys the kidney slowly.

3. Dairy products

The main nutrient gotten from dairy products are proteins.

And just like meat, excess proteins don’t work well with the kidneys.