One of the secrets of success is living below your means. 

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There is no way you will save if you spend more than half of your monthly salary on unnecessary expenses. 

Today we have outlined four questions to help you avoid unnecessary expenses:

1. Is what you are buying of value to you?

Create a list the things you need before shopping. 

There are many things you can still do without. 

Ask yourself whether you must purchase certain things in your home before making any decision.

2. How often do you use it?

There are some things we do not often use in our homes. 

Do not buy such things when your income is low. 

Only spend money on things you regularly use if you want to save some good money and live a happy life.

3. Will you save?

Saving is not easy. You need to ask yourself whether you are going to save or not. 

Find cheaper options so that you can save something in the long run.

4. Are you buying more than you need?

Do not hit the local market to shop before you plan. 

Find out what you need to avoid wasting money. 

Many consumers end up buying the things that they do not need in their houses.