Accessing camel milk in Garissa is easy. 

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This unique milk is safe for human consumption and has numerous health benefits. 

If you are a couple living in this great county then your weekly diet should never miss camel milk. 

Here are the benefits of camel milk in your relationship.

1. Increased libido

Suppressed sexual desire is one of the main reason relationships crumble. 

Frequent consumption of this milk will increase your partner’s libido

The feeling of powerlessness and lack of interest will be sorted leaving you a happy couple.

2. Immunity

Your partner will be healthy thanks to the immunity provided by immunoglobulins and antibodies in camel milk. 

Immunoglobulins defends the body against several kinds of viral infections as well as bacterial and fungal diseases. It also prevents allergies and autoimmune disorders.

3. Managing diabetes

Clinical trials have proven that consumption of at least half a liter of camel milk by type 1 Diabetes patients significantly reduces need for insulin medicines. 

The effect results from the insulin-like proteins in the milk. 

Therefore, your diabetic lover will benefit from this drink.

4. Prevents cardiac complications

Cardiac diseases should never be the reason for losing your partner for good. 

Ensure that she or he consumes enough camel milk to benefit from its complex fatty acids. 

They manage good cholesterol levels in the body.