It has always been the case that people know if you want to extract information from your woman ask her while in bed and she will reveal everything. 

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Kisii women are known to be good in hiding Secrets. However, their men should try asking them after having an intense orgasm. 

Alfred Okemwa, a tout in Kisii town told the writer that he always gets secrets from this wife normally when in bed and just after the action.

"If you want her to reveal secrets that are even dear to her, ask her after the act and she will tell you everything Okemwa says.

According to research made by the eve woman, there are reasons that are biologically proofed why a woman can easily reveal her secrets to a man after sex.

1. Attraction Intimacy

Women get feeble when they meet the man whom they are attracted to. They feel so secure even if they met for the first time, they can reveal everything. Worse enough, if the two sleeps together, she will be weakened to reveal even her inner secrets that she cannot reveal to a fellow woman.

2. Sexual matters

If you want your Kisii woman to spill the beans and have what you wanted to know, spot her after the action. Start by talking about love matters. Talk about it deeply. This will make part of her brain responsible for inhibitions, to stimulate her to talk without checking on what to talk and what not to.

3. Oxytocin

This is a female hormone that is responsible for sexual reproduction and also after childbirth. When the hormone is released, it moves to the brain and triggers emotions and social behaviour hence making her say her secrets. After an orgasm, the Oxytocin floods the brain hence making her spill the beans.