Kisii County Assistant Police Commander Caleb Matoke has revealed the major reason making men to chase young girls for illicit sex.

Mr Matoke claimed that men who are drunkards have been involved in a number of cases.

"Cases of men sleeping with minors are at the peak because most men caught having sex with minors are alcohol addicts," he said.

According to the commander, when men are drunk, they tend to switch their minds to young girls for sex. 

"It is worrying that men under the influence of alcohol targets young girls for sex instead of going for mature women. The security team won't condone men to continue sleeping with young girls," he noted.

The commander appealed to parents not to negotiate locally with men who are found having illicit sex with small girls. 

"Any parents who will accept money from sex predators will be arrested to face the law. Men who rapes young girls should be sent to jail," he stated. 

He however, regretted an incident where a man was lynched by an angry mob after he defiled a 3-year-old girl in Kiamokama.

Matoke said crime suspects should be surrendered to police for court processing.