A woman can tell if a man is finding her to be attractive in their place of engagement such as in church or even at work.

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The following are indicators that show he is finding you to be too attractive:

1. If he stares at you

You are at the SGR's Mombasa terminus preparing to set off to the capital and the guy cannot stop staring at you, from your new hairstyle to your trending dolls shoes, and when you give back a similar look, his reactions are very suggestive, don't overthink, he finds you attractive period.

2. He finds reasons to touch you 'unknowingly'

No man will want his body part to touch you when you are not attractive, sweaty and not organised, even in a matatu he will find out ways of moving away from you. 

The case is totally different when he finds you attractive. He will just want to touch you and even pretend it was accidental.

3. His smile

If he is finding you attractive his smile will spill all the beans in your presence, he smiles at you even when you around other ladies, notice it and make it account.

4.  He shows you off to his friends

If you started talking, you have been close to each other and is ready to invite you to meet his friends, then he finds you good looking, otherwise you won't even set an eye on his friends.

5. He will flirt with you

This also depends with your closeness with him, he will only flirt at you when you got everything he finds are attractive.