A third-year university student Lewis Omari, confesses how he had sex with his Kiswahili madam, making her pregnant only for her to disappear with their baby.

Here is his tale:

When I was in form four second term, the Kiswahili teacher called me to her office. Madam DJ (nickname) had an office since she was the Head of Department for languages. She gave me her number and told me to call her over the holiday. She, however, insisted on keeping it a secret.

Over the holiday I sent her a text message which she replied immediately then sent Sh 500 and told me to make sure I see her the following day in Kisii town.

I faked sickness for me to be allowed to go to town. We met at Tuskys supermarket then she took me to a hotel, we ate and afterward went upstairs. I never expected to hear her say that she loved me so much. I would not resist her due to the fear of victimization.

She gave me another Sh 500 which I used as fare back home. The whole of term three, we spent much time together until she conceived. I did my KCSE and we were still communicating until a time when she could not call back. Towards the end of January 2013, she told me that she was married and I should stop calling her.

Results were out, I got a C- (minus) a grade that I never got while in high school. Everybody was angry at me. I had to go back to school. I started from form three in a school in Homabay but managed to get a B+.

I always regret the time I lost. I regret having an affair with my teacher whom since then have never heard from. I do not know how the baby is. I do not know whether it is a son or daughter. But then I believe that we learn from our mistakes.