Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) member Mbosso Khan on Friday landed in the country for the Easter Holiday show.

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Mbosso landed at Moi International Airport, and among those who received the singer was his biological son, Ijazz khan.

The 'Hodari' hitmaker sired with unknown Mombasa woman before he could join Diamond's WCB team.

By then he was going by the name 'Maramboso' working under another music band, Yamoto Band, that comprised of three other artists including Aslay and Beka 

Sources indicate during his several visits to Mombasa is when the singer started a relationship with a lady from Mombasa that ended up with two having a baby boy.

"Siku ya jana ilikua sehemu yasafari yangu ya kutoka Dar Es Salaam Tanzania kuja Malindi Kenya🇰🇪, " Huwa nakuwa mwenye furaha Sana kila nikija Kenya🇰🇪 maana najiona pia nipo Nyumbani (nathamini na natambua uwepo wenu kwangu 🇰🇪) .. @ericomondi & @Kristoffmwb was nice to see you 🤝 , Thank You My son @ijazz__khan Kwakuja kumpokea Baba ... MALINDI tukutane leo OCEAN BEACH RESORT🇰🇪 nimekuandalieni bonge la show ..Trust Me MutaEnjoy ... 👌 @malindieasterfestival#MbossoInMalindiKenya #KingKhan#khanslibrary #MbossoKhan 🇰🇪," he posted on his Instagram page.

Here is the video showing how the singer was received at the airport.