Days after pronouncement that he will be accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta to China for another loan, political analyst, Dennis Anyonka says that Kenyans are to blame for opposition leader Raila Odinga's latest actions.

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Since his truce with President Kenyatta early last year, Raila who was initially a sworn vocal critic of the state seems to have dropped off the attribute and is now fully supporting all of the President's decisions.

Anyonka said that Raila has abandoned Kenyans out of frustration, after they repeatedly rejected his request to lead them in the capacity of the President, while some of them made mocking him a habit.

"Raila amekuwa mstari wa mbele kukosoa serikali lakini inaonekana alichoka kwa sababu ya wakenya kumnyima uongozi na pia kile ambacho amekitaja kama wizi wa kura na kukejeliwa na wakenya hao hao.

(He apparently grew tired of playing his role as the opposition leader because of Kenyans' refusal to elect him, a series of alleged vote rigging against his him and mockery from the very same Kenyans)," he noted.

Speaking on Bunge La Maisha on Radio Maisha Tuesday morning, the commentator added that Raila could as well have taken the move to intelligently serve his people.

He said that the plan could be to work from within the government, after realising that his initial forceful and noisy tactic was not delivering the preferred results.

"Huenda aliona abadilishe mfumo, na afanye kazi kutoka ndani (it's also possible that he decided to work from within)," added the commentator.

About Raila's involvement in the multi-billion loan meant for the expansion of the Standard Gauge Railway to Kisumu, Anyonka defended the former Prime Minister from criticism.

He added that Raila is simply acting within his capacity as the African Union envoy in charge of infrastructure.