There has been an argument about gender-based violence in the country lately.

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There are many reasons why such cases can't end since the victims, mostly women, tolerate the crimes.

Here are some of the excuses battered women give to defend their husbands and stay put in their matrimonial homes:

1. It was my fault

Most married women think their husbands have a right to beat them whenever they make mistakes hence stick to their marriages even if the beatings send them to their graves.

2. What about my children?

Majority of battered women fear to leave their children behind hence rather take the blows and kicks for their sake.

They want the children not to lose their father not knowing they are losing their mother already.

3. Where will I go?

If the woman doesn't have friends or family that can support her in such times, she will endure the pain since she has no place to go. More so, if she is financially unstable.

She would say since the man still provides for the family, how would she leave while she can't even feed or clothe herself.

4. What would people say?

In most instances when marriages crumble, the woman is blamed and even if the woman is going through the hell, she will still stay to avoid the public condemning her.

She would fear being blamed for the failed marriage and wonder if she would get someone to replace her husband.