Former presidential aspirant Nazlin Umar now claims that the NASA coalition headed by Raila Odinga is a pyramid scheme. 

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In a Wednesday social media post, Umar claimed that the three NASA flag bearers were just but conmen who sacrificed their supporters for personal interests.

"NASA is a coalition that never was, but a con, like a pyramid scheme to lure, dupe, incite and loot their supporters for self-gain. Traitors and Despots," her long post reads in part.

Umar further criticised the NASA leaders for sidelining their strongholds in the past when they held high-profile public offices only to cry foul when a new regime took over.

"Devolution is in place, national budget and resources equally benefit all communities, and all these bloodthirsty conniving, greedy, despotic paper tigers have long lost their political clouts. When they were leaders, they failed and marginalised their own people to build themselves upon their taxes and blood, injecting gross poverty and human suffering," she added.

The vocal female politician has been criticising the NASA coalition and the Jubilee government in equal measure. 

She has also expressed an intention to vie for the presidency in the 2022 general elections.