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World Cup stars you won’t believe don’t know English

Cornel Wawire
Brazil's Neymar. He has been one of the stars of the Russia World Cup. [Photo/]

Russia World Cup 2018 has many things to talk about. From breaking old records, setting new records and other on and off the pitch dramas, the tournament has been full of surprises. 

However, you will be surprised to note that there were some great football stars at the World Cup who didn’t know how to communicate in English. 

Here are some of the most renowned stars who can’t speak English:

Diego Costa

Diego Costa represented his Spain team at the World Cup. Unfortunately, they were knocked out in the quarterfinals. Even after spending time at Chelsea football club in London, Costa cannot still communicate in English. He always communicates in his local lingo.

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian international represented his Brazil team at the world cup. However, they were knocked out too at the quarterfinals. Spending time at Liverpool couldn’t help him learn English. 

Neymar Jr

The Brazilian star was a talk of the Russia World Cup for his dirty antics of diving and rolling when touched by his opponents. He has spent time in Spain and in Paris but still didn’t understand English. Interestingly, he has several American friends but still doesn’t know English. 

Lionel Messi

The Argentina star has spent most of his football career time in Spain with Barcelona. He has always answered reporters in Spanish, and all his interviews are in Spanish. This clearly shows the Argentina star doesn’t understand English.


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