A family from Mungango village, Bomet county has been forced to keep their son in the close room for 17 years. 

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According to the family, Wesley Bett developed what seems to be a mental illness directing him to disturb villagers. 

38-years-old Bett, allegedly became mentally ill after getting C+ in his KCSE exams, unlike his expectations. This saddened the family who took him to Tenwek Hospital in a process to try diagnosed the disease. 

Unfortunately, no disease was revealed and Bett condition worsens to a point he could tamper with anyone's belongings. 

"He was locked here since he could bring problems to the family. He used to move around the village causing destructions." A family member told a citizen tv reporter

According to Bett's sister, his brother had over 17 years been fed through a small window. However, she said at times no one can go closer to Bett's closed dark room due to noises he makes when he sees anyone.

Painful has it can be, the family could have wished to take Bett to a mental hospital for treatment but; they are facing financial constraints.

"We are confused because of my brother's state. We haven't noticed any positive change. We are therefore appealing to well-wishers to help Bett, " said the sister