'Couple uses cute names when referring to each other just to make the bond between them stronger.

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But what name do you use when referring to your girlfriend?

Here are some cute names that one might use when calling his girlfriend. 

1. Cutie

There is a difference between beautiful and cute.

If she is so cute, to an extend that you smile and feel amazing every time you look at her, then cutie is the name for her. 

2. Lovey

When one happens to use the name “Love you” often, it reaches a point where it becomes too common.

However, a little change can work well, where you tell her lovey, and she will know that you love her.

Lovey is a short form of "I love you and you are everything to me".

3. Sunshine

Calling her your sunshine is another way of saying that she means a lot in your life.

Let her brighten your day, whenever it rains during the day.

4. Smiley

If your girlfriend is the type of girl that smiles a lot, then the name smiley suits her.

Let her know that you appreciate her smiley face plus all the beauty in it.

5. Hottie

This term might have been overused but it remains super cool when you use it on your girlfriend.

Let her know how her beauty makes her look hot.