Former popular KBC journalist Milton Nyakundi now says his wife, Rebecca Njoki Gitu was brutally killed before drowning in River Laikipia.

Mrs Nyakundi died last Tuesday even as her two friends insisted that she miscalculated footsteps before landing into the river.

But according to Nyakundi, who has since moved the body to Umash Funeral home, Rebecca's body has head injuries  which caused her death.

"Postmortem is done and we have the report and it says head injuries and drowning caused Becky's death. Too many questions remain unanswered because she may have been hit unconscious before being pushed to the river but we leave everything to the almighty God for vengeance belongs to Him so we are now proceeding with the plans for burial. 

"Traveling with my Becky Gitu to Nairobi for preservation and the burial plans begin from tomorrow with the first meeting at Garden Square from 5.30pm. It was my worst moment but thanks for your prayers and continued support. Will update further in case members wish to view the body. 

Again, thanks very much for all your support and prayers. Bby, I miss you so much and no words can express how hollow my life is at the moment and will forever be - I LOVE YOU EVEN IN DEATH and look forward to that Glorious Morning when the trumpet shall sound and we meet again," he wrote in a WhatsApp group.

Police gave contradicting reports with one indicating that her friends reported the incident the very night while another version indicates that the who friends reported the matter the following day.

Investigations are still ongoing to establish the motive of the murder with police summoning the two female friends for fresh investigations.

They had reportedly had drinks at Laikipia Police Station before her mysterious death on Tuesday 10pm.