Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho is among the most powerful politicians in Kenya today. He is also a successful businessperson. 

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These two life achievements have earned him admirers. However, Joho was not born rich. His background is a motivation for those who are born in challenging environments with little hope.

When he started to scale the political ladder and opposed the government, he faced several various obstacles. One of them was explaining the legitimacy of his tertiary qualifications. On March 28, 2017, Joho shared his ugly yesterday that many could not believe could produce a celebrated politician and a successful investor.

Joho said that he had to work extremely hard to help his family get basic needs. He narrated how he had to sell ‘vitumbua’ and ‘mahamri’ in order to raise school fees. The emotional governor said that he even waited for some time before joining Serani High School.

While in secondary school, Joho said he worked at the old port as a loader on ships ferrying goods from Somalia to earn Sh80 daily. He admitted it was hard considering his age then.

The ODM deputy party leader further disclosed that he only managed a D- in KCSE. He also revealed that the late Karisa Maitha helped him establish his businesses.

However, Joho turned around his poor background. He has managed to get the controversial tertiary qualifications. Joho also ventured into politics in 2004 where he lost to Anania Mwaboza but bounced back.