Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has refuted claims that he engineered Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi’s impeachment last week.

Sonko says that reports being propagated on social media that he instructed MCAs to oust Elachi are false.

“It is malicious for some people to blame me for Elachi’s impeachment,” he said on Wednesday.

Governor Sonko said that he had a close working relationship with Elachi and could not initiate her ouster.

“There are people who want to tarnish the good and respectful relationship I have with Elachi,” he added.

Governor Sonko said that issues on Elachi’s impeachment are purely with the county assembly and not the executive.

Elachi was impeached last week on claims that she contravened House Standing Orders.

The MCAs also accused Elachi of allegedly intimidating assembly staff.

Elachi has vowed to fight her impeachment in court.

On Monday, she was forcefully ejected from her office by angry MCAs who still insist that she must go.