Kitui Woman Representative Dr Irene Kasalu has raised concerns over the recent murders involving university students.

Kasalu said that the trend is worrying and urgent measures need to be taken to curb the cases of murders and suicides.

Speaking at Mutumo trading centre in Kitui South on Sunday, the MP said that cases of young people committing suicide and killing each over romantic relationships must end.

She said young people lack proper guidance and counselling, thus end up making drastic and tragic decisions in their love affairs.

The MP said that life is precious, adding that young people need to learn to walk away from troubled romantic relationships.

She said that no one deserves to experience a cruel and brutal death just because of love.

“We are experiencing sad incidents today where young men and women are killing each other in broad day-light because of love,” she said.

The Kitui MP said that society must rise up and provide wise counsel to the young generation on how to deal with relationship matters.

Kasalu pleaded with religious and learning institutions to instil good values in young people.

She said that the future of the county hangs in the balance if young people continue to kill each other over love related issues.

The MP was reacting to last week incident where a sixth-year medical student at Moi University was hacked to death by her alleged lover.

Ivy Wangechi was waylaid and brutally murdered by a 28-year-old man alleged to be her lover.

The deceased will be laid to rest at her rural home in Othaya, Nyeri County on Thursday.