A man from Madogo, Tana River County was arraigned before a Garissa Court to answer to charges of allegedly posting nude pictures of his wife on social media.

The accused who runs a private chemist in Madogo was being accused of committing the offence between 25 and 31 of August, this year.

The case, however, failed to take off in the Garissa court after the office of the DPP cited defects in the charge sheet.

According to the DPP official who spoke on condition of anonymity, the charge sheet lacked ‘crucial evidence’ to sustain the case and that there was no written report by the investigating officer based at the DCI Madogo.

“The investigating officer should prove that the number that posted the explicit pictures belongs to the accused person and that the mobile phone service provider should issue a certificate as proof that it originated from the accused person,” the official said.

A Madogo based volunteer activist, Mr Mohamed Dabaso, accused the investigating officer of trying to derail the case.

Speaking outside the court, Mr Dabaso said a senior administration officer based in Madogo helped to bail out the accused person adding that the police have all the evidence to convict him.

“This officer and close family members have delayed the case. It’s after we involved the media that the police have started taking action. The defects in the charge sheet and delay in presenting the case before the court are deliberate and part of a wider scheme to deny the poor lady justice,” he added.