Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichung'wah has publicly opposed a proposal by Deputy President William Ruto over the need for constitutional amendments.

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This is despite the MP being one of the strongest supporters of the DP in Mt Kenya region.

The second-time legislator is, as his critics say, the leader of 'Tanga Tanga movement' in the region which is President Uhuru Kenyatta's backyard.

Ichung'wah has been a common face in most of Ruto's rallies across the country and has never made secret his admiration for the man he has vowed to campaign for vigorously until he succeeds Uhuru in 2022.

Speaking in London last week, Ruto proposed the holder of Deputy President position to be given more powers by becoming the Leader of Government Business in Parliament.

He said there will be no need to create a prime minister post since the DP will be responsible for the affairs of the national government in Parliament.

However, speaking during an interview on KTN on Monday night, Ichung'wah dismissed the idea saying it will be against the principle of separation of powers between the arms of government.

"If we are to have a clear divide between the Executive and the Legislature, let us not have the Executive in the House at all," he said.

The Kikuyu legislator, however, said Ruto shouldn't be criticised for his stand saying like any other Kenyan he was entitled to his own opinion.

"The Deputy President is expressing his views as a Kenyan. We need to allow everyone to speak out and express their views," Ichung'wah said.