Many people have been desiring to reduce their body weight. Most of them especially ladies, may opt not to eat as a way of reducing the weight. Some of them go an extra step of using substances such as lemon. 

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Some men in the region who want to reduce their bellies have resorted on other methods of drinking local brews to reduce the bellies. This is a misconception. According to the Evewoman, there are natural foods that can help reduce weight.

1. Avocado

According to the research made by Evewoman, avocados have monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are good in human health. Such fats have Oleic acid that helps to lower cholesterol, insulin and excessive weight.

Healthline also records that the avocados have a lot of water and fibre, making them less energy-dense, essential in reducing weight.

2. Eggs

Many people think that the protein in eggs is not good as they enhance the building of the body. However, it is advisable to reduce cholesterol hence reducing body weights. When taking them, ensure you take both the yolk and the white egg.

3. Yoghurt

Although it is rich in proteins, it has calcium that can be used to reduce cholesterol in the body, reduce insulin and also body weights.

As researched by the, having the yogurt, help protect against inflammation and leptin resistance which causes obesity.