You have been coming up with New Year resolutions for decades. However, each year, you realise you have not achieved much. 

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Well, it is time you started doing things differently if you want to realise your dreams. 

Here are three things you should embrace if you want real progress in your life:

1. Your failures

Failure is part of life. Learn from the daily shortcomings to make yourself better.

Stand up and fight harder after failing. Do not leave anything undone after failing in any area of life. 

Remember, you are the master of your own destiny. Do not let other people determine your life’s progress.

2. Harsh comments

Never ignore what people say about your life. 

The harsh statements you hear from people can make you grow in life. 

Always take these statements with a positive mindset.  

Do not be too quick to get angered because of what people say.

3. Your difference

Each one of us is born with weaknesses and strengths. 

Understand some of the things you can do better as well as those you need to work on. 

Do not fight to be like someone else. Embrace your uniqueness and work towards making your life even better.  

Do not struggle to do things like someone else because you can never be them.