Deputy President William Ruto has been seen by many pundits as the one affected negatively by the handshake. 

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Political analyst Herman Manyora, through his weekly YouTube release,  cautioned President Uhuru not to play such games with Ruto because Ruto has a dangerous card. 

The analyst says the dangerous card for William Ruto is in his character and attributes are not easily matched by other politicians. 

"Ruto's dangerous card is William Ruto...first by what kind of person he is,  smart,  hardworking, generous, intelligent, easy to make friends and a very smart politician above all,"  said the analyst. 

In addition to those qualities, the analyst says Kenyans can use Ruto as a dangerous card by adopting the "betrayal " analogy. 

"What is much more in terms of this William Ruto man, Kenyans could use him as a dangerous card. It is possible he can play the betrayal card to an extent Kenyans can use him to dismantle the dynasties of this country," added the analyst. 

He asked Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta to be very open to DP Ruto and avoid playing him whatsoever.

However,  he also challenged DP Ruto to take a bold step and have a talk with close friends of President Uhuru and former Prime minister Raila Odinga like Murathe and Joho respectively, for him to be aware of what is going on.