It is a command that every child should respect their parents. 

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In the current generation, portraying the act of respect with most children to their parent has been a problem now that they think that parents no longer understand them. 

The time might have changed, but parents’ remains to be parents. 

Therefore, when it comes to showing respect, there are ways in which one can show respect to his or her parents.

1. Appreciating every single thing they do for you

It is respectful when you understand your parent for every only thing that they do for you. 

Most of the parents deny themselves a lot to make sure that they provide for you, and that is worth some appreciation. 

In that case, appreciating them show a lot when it comes to proving how much you respect them.

2. Obey their house rules

This mainly affects teenagers. When one becomes a teenager, he or she tends to go against his or her parent's standards because of the many parties that they have to attend. 

However, for you to show respect to your parent, you need to obey their house rules, and whenever in need of doing something, it is always good to seek permission.

3. Mind your language when around them

When around your parents, what you utter from your mouth should not be something disrespectful to them. 

Uttering rude word around them will prove that you don’t respect them. 

Hence, I always watch what you say when around them.