Our short brethren have been slandered for many years. Tall, Dark and Handsome (TDH) guys have continuously been preferred over them when it comes to dating and marriage.

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However, times are changing and short guys are winning. Tall, Dark and Handsome mentality is slowly fading and running out of style as most women nowadays prefer short men. 

If you're a short guy and you're wondering if you have a chance, read on to find out why women would prefer you to your tall counterpart.

They cheat less

The society generally perceives tall guys to be more attractive than the short guys. This makes them the hotcakes in the market, and the majority tend to become players in the long run.

So most women now know tall guys are everyone's cup of tea, and they would probably cheat more than their short counterparts. 

It's for this reason that women would rather go for a short guy, whose loyalty and commitment are only to her, than lose sleep on a TDH guy who girl's hit on left, right and center. 

There's more to just  the height factor

Majority of women nowadays are looking at the bigger picture. They have now realized there's more to a man than just height. Especially women who are seeking for a serious relationship.

They would rather go for a short guy whose personality is attractive, than a tall guy whose personality is awful; which often at times is the case. 

You can effortlessly rock his clothes

The best thing about dating a short guy is that you can easily rock and look nice in his T-shirt or jeans, without anyone noticing it's borrowed.

So in case, they(women) feel lazy doing laundry, they don't panic because their short boyfriends got them.