Landlords in Matiero market, Nyaribari Chache constituency are supporting criminals to continue committing crime, it has emerged. 

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Area community policing chairman Kennedy Maburi argued that landlords have been condoning tenants who are criminals. 

Speaking at a public bara on Sunday at Matiero market, Mr. Maburi said landlords should first know the background information of their tenants. 

"Landlords are behind the hiked crime cases. People who come to rent houses should produce the letter from their respective chiefs before they are allowed to settle with us here," he said.

Maburi noted that some of the people who don't hail from the area have been stealing livestock from innocent locals. 

"We have lost goats, cows, chicken and motorbikes without knowing that the same people who are tenants here are the one stealing from us. Landlords should stop valuing money most than the lives of our people and property," he added.

Area chief Henry Nyang'au warned the landlords saying tenants must produce letters from their respective chiefs failure to which the landlords will be arrested to face prosecution. 

"We must all be vigilant to keep off criminals. Tenants must settle here once they give us evidence that they are not criminals from where they hail from," said Nyang'au.