Are you considering a career change? Most people enter certain fields because of pressure from parents and peers. 

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It is not easy to stick to a career you do not like. 

Before changing your career, you must conduct proper research. 

Here are three essential career change questions to ask yourself this year:

1. Why do you want to change your career?

 You must come up with valid reasons before the career change. 

Do not just do it for the sake of it. Sometimes we regret changing our careers later in life. 

Conduct proper research in the prospected career before shifting.

2. What makes you happy?

 You need to be a happy person at your workplace. 

If the career doesn’t bring happiness into your life, then you can reconsider the change. 

Some careers are too boring even if they are well-paying.  Never put money before your happiness.

3. What are your strengths?

 You need to think about your strengths and weaknesses before the career change. 

The two sides will determine whether it can be a good idea to rethink about your current career. 

Do not shift goals before you have given yourself time to think about it. 

You should also think about your weaknesses so that you do not struggle while changing your career.