Prostitution has a different definition among a section of commercial sex workers in Garissa County. 

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Care Kenya in partnership with PEACENET through the Global Fund Round 7 Program discovered this special definition ten years ago when serving some twilight girls in Dadaab Refugee Camp. 

Some sex workers in this region believe they are not immoral women but ‘Hablaha Tunta’, which is a Somali phrase that means ‘women out to enjoy themselves’. 

They wondered why people think they are sinners yet they are only having fun.

The commercial sex workers said they were against the idea of being branded as women who sell themselves. 

They believe sex is not a trade. 

The women said that they are pleasure givers whose main responsibility is to relieve the pain of boredom and loneliness among men.

Their main enemy is any program that sensitises men on the need to be safe as they engage in sexual activities. 

The gospel of abstaining, being faithful and using a condom is the worst news with a section of them. 

Abstaining and faithfulness reduces their clients who lose interest in them. 

The only thing that is supported is the use of condoms because it does not harm their business.