A video of legendary Kikuyu secular musician, Moses Wanyoike, has emerged on social media showing the once popular icon across Kikuyuland living in extreme abject poverty.

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To say Wanyoike whom during his heydays released one popular hit after another is living a wretched lifestyle, is an understatement if the 7-minute-long video is anything to go by.

The artist is captured throughout 'performing' some of his once and still popular hits like 'Nyina Wa Twana Twakwa' (Mother to my kids), 'Mwana ni Witu na Ngai' (The child is ours with God) among others in a humble location that looks like his home.

Watching the video and listening to him, you will be quick to notice that Wanyoike's once strong vocals have faded away and what is left are dying embers of the once raging bonfire.

The mud holding the walls of his old house together has also started to fall off while the entire compound looks abandoned and lifeless save for a cock that is heard crowing in the background.

Some of Wanyoike's popular songs have been remixed by other Gikuyu artistes especially in one-man-guitar style while others are still being performed in popular entertainment joints today, leaving one wondering whether the artist gets any benefits from the use of his original artistic works by others.

Kenya is known for its notoriety in forgetting its faded icons despite sharing in their glory when they were strong, young, vibrant and popular which leaves many to die while stricken by poverty to the core.

However, there are those who argue that some of these icons do not care to save something for the rainy days during their moments of fame which makes them end like vagabonds after exiting the stage.

You can watch the video here.