County First Lady Naomi Nyagarama caused a stir on Nyamira politics WhatsApp group when she posted a photo of her with two others taking food.

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While the intention of the photo remains unknown, she couldn't escape ridicule and criticism from those against Governor John Nyagarama's leadership.

"So what's the importance of this photo? To tell us how you're squandering public resources! You're doomed and soon you'll regret for mistreating the people of Nyamira," fired Mwalimu Nyerere.

Jared Onyancha added: "No meaning of the photo, just telling us that we complain, you'll continue eating. We shall audit all the accounts soon and someone will fit in jail."

Despite the criticism, Mrs Nyagarama, who is active on social media forums, did not respond to questioned raised by her critics.

This comes after the Auditor General report released on Thursday showed that Nyamira is among the worst wasteful counties in resource management.

"The county indicates that washing machine was bought at Sh8.5 million, almost ten times less the actual cost," reads part of the report.