Embakasi East Member of Parliament and former University of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino has responded bitterly to barrister Miguna Miguna's claims of him being a murderer.

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Taking to his twitter handle Saturday evening after accusations flowed that he has been murdering university students, claims which the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) need have a serious look at, Babu Owino responded to Miguna,

"Did I kill your mother Miguna? Stupidity is not a human right Mr. d^*! h*^d," the MP wrote on the Twitter handle.

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Babu Owino accused being a murderer of university students and drug trafficking

The first time legislator who has been in loggerheads with the government of Kenya for long ever since his days as a student leader was accused by the Canadian based lawyer Dr.Miguna Miguna of illicit drug deals.

His sentiments come when the country is fighting left, right and center of crimes against humanity, economic crimes among other injustices on Kenyans with president Uhuru Kenyatta fronting the war on economic crimes as his priority.

The exchange of words between the former Raila Odinga advisor with the ODM legislators has been taking shape with the barrister not sparing any in his attacks citing betrayal after he was bundled out of the country after conducting Odinga's mock swearing-in ceremony at Uhuru park last year.