When it first emerged in public, it seemed an ordinary meeting chaired by a village king where embers of Royal families are invited.

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But with governor John Nyagarama's image appeared, social media users were quickly to note that attendees were not in shoes and that it was not an ordinary meeting.

The last Friday's cabinet meeting would cause jitters even as locals ridiculed the governor for holding meeting in 'restaurants'.

"Seems we were bewitched. The governor holding meetings at his home, ministers off their shoes. Seems an ordinary village meeting," said Ben Mokua.

Another user Joseph Mogaka said: " funny that we don't have boardrooms at the county. It beats logic that something substantive will come out of the discussion."

Some even accused the governor of 'mistreating' ministers by ordering them to remove shoes.

"He has basically told them to remove shoes. There is no concentration and basically nothing will come out of this," said George Mosioma.

But it's quite synonymous that Nyagarama usually holds formal meetings in his multimillion Tente.

He moved to the house in 2017 after spending close to four years in a rented mansion just few meters from his new home.

For weeks now, medics have been on strike with locals labeling his meetings with ministers 'impotent jokes'.

In the photo, Nyagarama is seen in open shows while all eight ministers are either bare footed or with just socks.