Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka is among President Uhuru Kenyatta's potential successors.

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The Ukambani political kingpin is not getting younger, he can't afford to endorse another candidate for the presidency in 2022 and expect to be endorsed for the same position in 2027.

It is either 2022 or never for Kalonzo, who has maintained that he has what it takes to ascend to power.

Kalonzo's presidential dream will be as good as dead if he loses the top seat to Deputy President William Ruto in the next polls.

Ruto will want to lead this nation for 10 years.

If Ruto is elected the president in 2022, Kalonzo will not be energetic enough to marshal votes from various parts of the country so as to rise to power in 2027.

Kalonzo has maintained that he is the right man to change the nation.

He, however, needs to play his political cards right to make his political dreams a reality.

The political dynamics of this country requires that Kalonzo manages to convince the majority of the votes from the populous communities in order to make it to power.

Kalonzo's presidential dream still hangs in the balance after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who had assured him of his support, made a surprise U-turn to back the Jubilee government.