A number of men always find it difficult posing the question " Will you be my girlfriend?" to a girl they like.

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Most men always fear rejection, and therefore prefer suffering in silence other than making their desires known.

If you are among those finding it difficult to pose the question, here are some tips for you.

1. After a kiss

If it happened that she allowed you to kiss her, then you should not let this chance go away.

A kiss is a sign of love, so take advantage and pose the question immediately after.

2. With big written letters

Another cute way to pose the question is by writing it down in big letters.

This will not only take her by surprise but the chances of saying yes will be high.

3. Food

Food always does the magic for many people. You can order a cake and have the question written on top of it. 

4. Face to face

If you are courageous enough, you can approach her, and ask her the question face to face.

As long as she has shown you signs that she is into you, be sure that you’ve got a high chance of getting yes as an answer.

5. Use your talents

We are all blessed in many different ways. Some of us are good singers, poets, artists among many other things.

These talents that can help you pose the question to her. Fro instance if you are a poet, you can pen down a nice poem and conclude by asking the all important question.