Kenyans on social media are upset after a talented 10-year-old boy they gave Sh700,000 through Radio Maisha emerged yet again on the same streets they tried to rescue him from.

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John Onkendi, received massive support from Kenyans of good will after showcasing his rare skills and mastery of international football matters and many thought he would make a perfect sports commentator.

He was at the time, a class two pupil at Suneka Primary when he was filmed by football fans in September 2018. His video was  then uploaded on social media to showcase his talent and knowledge of the English Premier League teams.

Several media houses including Radio Maisha sough to interview him and his story was told to the world.It emerged he was an orphan who needed help. At the time, his family did not have a structure they would call a home.

Kenyans offered to generously give funds to the family hoping the boy would have a house, a dairy cow for his grandmother and at least get a chance to go to school.

To the dismay of many, Okendi has yet again been captured at at a garage as seen in a video making rounds on social media. In the clip, it appears his life has barely changed.

Below is a letter showing details of the amount the Okendi family received from Radio Maisha;

He is the same needy boy whose caregivers received more than Sh700,000 from Radio Maisha. Onkendi claims that one Brian Onduso,a signatory to the bank account where the money would be kept had squandered the money. We could not verify his claims at the time of publishing the story.

Radio Maisha sports presenter Stephen Mukangai has expressed regret over the state of Onkundi's life. He however felt sorry that Onkendi could still go back to the streets even after the assistance he had been offered.

"You can say that again. Hatawahi kusaidika tena. Hata wanaopiga video ndio wanamfanya amee pembe," held Mukangai in a reply to  a senior Kisii County Government official's remarks that Onkendi could not get any better help than what had already been done for his family.