In May 2013, Kenyans felt betrayed if not ashamed by their own girls. More than ten girls were found in Mombasa shooting pornography movies with non-other than a single dog. Yes, one dog was involved in the shooting with all the eleven Kenyan girls.

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In most cases such like bestiality crimes involved men; man raping a cow to death, man with a goat and such. 

Girls have always been out of the limelight over such vices.

The 2013 incident left everyone wondering how ladies had become desperate for money and generally how mankind had turned evil.

The eleven girls together with their main 'employer' were arrested at Mamba Village apartment in Nyali after police received a tip from residents. 15 laptops and cameras involved in the shootings were also recovered at the crime scene.

The ladies were to take home only Sh3,000 from a Swedish man, who had trained his dog to handle such matters with human beings.

It was further revealed that majority of the 11 girls who took part in the sex video shooting were university students from a local university at the Coast.

The girls were said to be recruited and picked up from their campus by one woman who acted as recruiting agent for the Swedish man. She however escaped police trap when the apartment used for shooting was targeted.