When you join college, one of the things that make this transition interesting is the freedom attached to it. 

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Having spent all the time under strict high school's rules, rules from parents, to a place where you are responsible for your own decisions is so overwhelming. 

In most cases, college students develop new characters after joining the campus. They make new friends, new lovers and name them.

No parents expect their sons and daughters to engage in anything related to romance while in school, but in reality, most of them join college while as 'green and virgins' like angels, but come back home after the first semester with a lot of experience in love matters.

It is hard to ignore relationships and romance in colleges, students should just learn how to balance their stuff.

Here are tips to balance college and romance;

1. Do not seek love in college

Falling in deep love comes with consequences, and it needs time to handle love, and for students, time should be for class work. For this reason, if love comes your way, embrace it, but don't go out to look for it.

2. Keep in mind your first lover in college is education

With 'first come first served' rule, consider your education first before anything else, your lover, were it not for your education, you would have not met him or her.

3. Only commit to what works for you

If your lover is ready to give you time, ready to wait as you attend to your first goal, education, he or she deserves your commitment.