A good number of women are in a relationship not as the main girlfriend but as a side chick.

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Most of them are okay with this maybe because they are after money or maybe they genuinely love the guy.

However, there are always possibilities of one to move from being a side chick and become to be the main one.

Here are some of how one can contribute to it happening.

1. Don’t be too available

If you want the guy to miss you and get a lot of attention from him, you need to make yourself unavailable most of the time.

When he does not get a lot of chances to see, you will make him miss you more, resulting in thinking about you a lot.

Automatically, when a guy starts to think about you a lot, the chances of him making you the main chick will be very high.

2. Accept that you are not alone

If you already know that you are the side chick, then you need to understand that you are not alone.

By accepting the reality of things, this will make you not cause problems for the guy, and that might make him think otherwise about you.

He will probably think that you are more understanding in that you are better off than the main chick.

3. Stop thinking that he’ll leave her

Under this state, one needs to live life as it is, without having many expectations.

Don’t start imagining that he’ll leave her to be with you because you might end up hurting yourself.

Just enjoy your life, and let things happen according to destiny, and you never know, you might finally be the main chick.