To launch a campaign for the total triumph of your individuality, you must first begin by summarily destroying eliminating some traits that ultimately prevent you from progressing.

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As such, you should not compromise when it comes to some traits. It is either you drop them or fall with them. There can be no middle ground. No compromise.

Here are the traits you should drop to ensure that your progress from step to the other or in the society, in general, is well secured.

1. Feeling guilty

To move from one stage to the next, you need to drop your attachments to the past.

Past failures bring untold guilt that will only ultimately lead to your diminishing. Guilt makes it hard to try anything new. It brings forth some form of fear and naivety. To move, drop all guilt.

2. Comparisons

As a person, you must know that it is always you and you alone. 

You should avoid comparing yourself to others. You can never achieve what you want if you keep looking over the shoulder or always peeping at what is going on in other people's lives. 

You must display a high sense of independence to grow and progress.

3. Fear of the unknown

Fear is a damaging emotion. With fear, you can never make any bold move in life. 

The fear of failure will actually deter you from attempting to live your dream or engage in activities that will see you achieve your dreams.