In any relationship, there must be a disappointment. Rekindling your love after a fight depends on the trust created in the relationship. If you trust your partner,  you will find a reason to forgive a wrong and forget it since you will be convinced the same will not be repeated.

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In many broken relationships, lack of trust has been the engine triggering the breakup. Others simply dump their partners because they cannot trust them. Creating trust needs one to know what chemistry is behind the creation of trust which breeds faithfulness:

Keep your promises

Once you leave some promises unfulfilled, it kills your partner's trust. He/she can not depend on you. Also do not make promises that you cannot keep. Any promise that is kept, is a building block of trust no matter how cheap it is.

Do not judge your partner

Once in a while a partner can confide in you. Tell you his/her miseries. Tell you about the mistakes made. Do not be judgemental. Do not make a mistake of blaming him/her. Try hard to be in the shoes of your partner and suggest possible solutions.

Keep time

Once you agree on maybe meeting somewhere in town, try hard and be there on time if not in time. In case you delay in the jam, inform your partner and say the cause of being late. Do not lie!

Take your partner's side always

Even if your partner is the one wrong in a row between him/her and a friend, do not say how wrong your partner is. Be on his/her side till in privacy where you can say how wrong he/she was.

Show your partner, all your flaws

Let your partner understand your weaknesses and accept you the way you are. Do not complicate yourself. This will create trust in your relationship. 

Say the truth always

For instance, you cheated on your partner, tell her/him the truth. Lies becomes termites to your relationship. They devour your love slowly, when realising it, the effect is already felt through lose of love. Try to be real. This is a package of trust in your relationship