First Lady Margaret Kenyatta has stressed on the need for more funds to be channelled to the health sector.

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Speaking on Tuesday, the first lady urged the State and county governments to invest more resources in health facilities, in a bid to make them more reliable.

She also called for better training of health practitioners and better equipping of the facilities for the sake of the Kenyans who depend on them.

“It will benefit our healthcare systems if we invest in building a strong cadre of public health nurses, through rigorous training, specialisation and practice to enhance their skills,” she said.

Mama Margaret was speaking at a Nairobi Hotel on Tuesday during the official opening of the 5th Global Network for Public Health Nursing (GNPHN).

She added that good healthcare is a major role of any government and should be given special consideration by both levels of government.

Mama Margaret added that her medical campaigns across the nation have enabled her to realize the need for the proposed changes.

“In my work and visits to health centres across Kenya, I have witnessed the role of nurses and community health workers as key influencers in the health and wellbeing of patients, communities and the populations they serve,” she added.

She has been personally driving the Beyond Zero campaign that seeks to issue each and every county with a fully equipped mobile clinic.