Despite serving as Head of State and government for over two decades, retired President Daniel Moi has had turbulent times as a family man, coupled with disappointments and divorce with his spouse Lena, observes Andrew Morton.

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In his 1998 biography The Making of an African Statesman, written by British author Andrew Morton, Moi said he has had little joy from his family. He feels disappointed and let down by it.

“He is quite a lonely man although always surrounded by people,” is the way a friend who has known him since his days as a teacher puts it,” wrote Mr Morton.

In 1974 when serving as Vice President, Moi divorced with his wife Lena, with whom he had seven children. Mrs Moi would later stay a quiet life throughout Moi's presidency before dying in 2004, three decades after divorce.

His children include Jonathan Moi who died on Saturday, Jenipher, Raymond, Philip, John Mark, Doris Gideon and June, his adopted daughter. For Jonathan, Moi reportedly opposed his venture in safari rally.

But the eldest son pursued his career and went on to win several trophies and tournaments. Mr Jonathan divorced with his wife Beatrice Mulwa over family differences. At some point, he was accused of murdering British photographer Julie Ward, a claim he denied.

“I am totally shocked to hear this," Jonathan told the Star at the time. "I had no relationship with the said lady and I didn’t even know her. I never did such a thing and it has never crossed my mind to do it.

Mr Moi is is said to have expressed his reservations to Doris's marriage to Ibrahim Choge, a long time navigator of Jonathan. Despite his resistance, Doris went on to marry the motorist.

Also, his forth born son Philip, what he is said to have forced to join army due to his 'crookedness', has been having turbulent family times, a reason why the octogenarian could be disappointed with the family. Philip has been having court battles with his estranged wife, Rosana Pluda.

Further, his other quiet son John Mark, considered  to be the brightest of his children, was turned away from prestigious Harvard University where he had secured an admission. It's not clear why he had to be turned away.

However, June, Jenipher and to some extent John Mark, have been leading a quiet life. Gideon and Raymond are politicians just like their father.

“Jonathan will be remembered for his daring exploits in the racing tracks, in muddy and dusty tracks, during this time of Easter,” Gideon said in reference to his dead brother Jonathan.

Mr Jonathan Moi's son Collins has also been on spot severally with the latest case being that of abandoning his girlfriend at a Kitale Hotel without paying bills. He's also facing a court case for allegedly stealing two phones from his daughters.