The 2022 succession debate is taking shape across the country as top politicians put in place strategies to woo voters during the anticipated polls.

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Some top current politicians have declared interest in contesting for top positions in 2022.

The presidential, gubernatorial and senatorial seats are among top positions politicians across the divide are eyeing in 2022.

In Kiambu, Governor Ferdinand Waititu is serving his first term in office and there is a likely hood he will seek re-election in 2022.

Waititu succeeded William Kabogo in the hotly contested August 8, 2017 general election.

According to political pundit Peter Ngure, there are vocal politicians in Kiambu who are likely to vie for the governor seat in 2022.

1. Kimani Ichung'wa

He is the Kikuyu MP serving his second term in office.

The vocal Jubilee lawmaker is the chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee.

A close ally and confidant of Deputy President William Ruto, the Kikuyu MPs' political popularity is steadily rising in Kiambu.

There are claims that Ichung’wa could contest for the Kiambu gubernatorial seat in 2022.

Other reports claim that the youthful Jubilee MP could be fronted to be DP Ruto’s presidential running mate in 2022.

2. Jude Njomo

He is the Kiambu Town MP serving his second term in office.

The Jubilee MP is among veteran politicians in Kiambu County.

The soft-spoken politician is said to be eyeing the Kiambu senate or governor seat in 2022.

3. Kimani Wamatangi

He is the Kiambu senator serving his second term in office.

The vocal senator is among few politicians who survived the August 8, 2017 political axe in Kiambu.

The experienced Kiambu senator is likely to contest the governor seat in 2022.

4. Alice Ng’ng’a

She is the former Thika MP.

The vocal politician lost re-election in the August 8, 2017 general election to Patrick Wainaina.

There are claims that Ng’ang’a is rebuilding herself politically and could contest for the Kiambu governor or senate seat in 2022.

5. James Nyoro

He is the current Kiambu deputy governor.

Nyoro and Governor Waititu’s relationship has been rocky since their election in 2017.

The deputy governor has several times complained claiming that Waititu does not consult him on key county issues.

Political pundits argue that Nyoro could contest for the Kiambu governor seat in 2022.