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New twist in Moi Girl’s rape saga

Benard Ramoka
Securty oficers keep vigil at the enrtrance to Moi' girls High School in Nairobi. The DNA taken taken from 32 men in regards to the June 3 rape incident has tested negative. [Photo/]

Thirty-two men including male teachers and casual workers at the Nairobi’s Moi Girls High School whose DNA samples were taken in regards to the June 3 rape saga has tested negative.

The results released by the Government Chemist on Tuesday showed that none of the male teachers and casuals at the school was involved in the alleged rape of a form two student on June 3.

The government chemist examiners in their report indicated that samples taken from the 32 men who were in the school at the time of the alleged rape occurred did match to those of the student who was allegedly raped.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation probing the alleged rape had ordered for DNA samples from the entire males who were in the school at the time of the incident.

The results now send the investigating team back to the drawing board as they try to unravel who was behind the alleged rape.

According to investigators, 90 people have recorded statements with the police in regards to the rape saga.

The girl who was allegedly raped is said to have described the suspect as a light-skinned and squint-eyed middle-aged man.

Nairobi Director of Investigations Ireri Kamwende told journalists on Tuesday that his office is yet to receive the report.

He said that investigators are determined to expose the suspect behind the alleged rape.

Moi girls Principal Jareth  Murithi resigned after the rape saga was reported as the Education  Cabinet Secretary  Ambassador Amina Mohamed disbanded the school board of management.

Cases of rape and defilement have since been reported in several other schools across the country as the government moves in with strict measures to guarantee the safety of students.

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