Mombasa county is well endowed with many beautiful places and sceneries that will definitely assure you of an awesome romantic getaway.

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For you to have a memorable date, you need to choose a place that allows you and your date to enjoy the love-filled environment as you bond and have fun together, all these places are found here at county 001, as many people call it.

However, you might not enjoy to be at some of the places if you are still single, be it by choice or by no options, basically because most will be in romantic pairs.

Anyway, you don't have to worry anymore if you are still single, and especially those who are searching. You don't have to bother Facebook users from their inbox to seek their love; instead, look for a free weekend, at around 4 pm and visit the following places, where the probability of you leaving the places with a lover of your choice is close to whole number 1.

Here are the places:

Mama Ngina Drive

Just before you cross the ferry to the mainland at Likoni cross point, visit Mama Ngina Drive on your left-hand side. In the evening the place is normally packed to capacity, with so many single ladies and guys hovering around, from one end to the other expecting to meet potential husbands and/or wives. If you are single and smart, you won't leave disappointed.


Visit different beaches to see the magic. Consider Diani and Pirates as your first and second options respectively. They are the most visited beaches on the Kenyan Coast. Both foreigners and locals will provide the options. You only need to be smart and make calculated moves swiftly.

Uhuru Garden

It is situated on Moi Avenue, adjacent to Mombasa elephant tusks. Actually, it is more or less the same as Uhuru Park in Nairobi. The place is clean courtesy of Kenya Ports Authority. You potential lover partners here without much hustle.

More so, visiting other public places where entry is free will be a plus on your side. Most singles like places with limited or rather zero restrictions.