Getting the attention of a man you like is not an easy thing.

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Many people try and fail because they did not use the right way.

Here are some questions you can ask and get the attention of a guy you like so much:

1. What’s your favorite scene in your favorite movie?

This will definitely make him think a lot before answering this question.

Not most guys expect this type of question of which by asking them this, you will have made him crazy.

2. What is your favorite childhood vacation and why?

This will make him think of good childhood memories.

More so, when a guy is asked this, they usually appreciate the act that you care about the things that used to make him happy.

3. Who’s your favorite band?

Showing willingness to know the type of music and band that your guy is interested in proves a lot to the guy.

This will make him crazy since you will have shown interest in the type of music that makes him feel better each and every day.